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Last Resort Comic Community

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Last Resort is a science-fiction webcomic about a reality show that executes criminals for sport. Several of the characters we're keeping focus on (like Jigsaw and Adharia) are volunteers who help keep the other players in line, some (like Cypress) work behind the scenes, and the rest . . . let's just say you may want to watch your back.

New Strips come up Sundays, and these are the de facto forums, so have a seat and enjoy the show.
adharia, anthro, arikos, battle royale, cain, carnage, centaurs, crater, crosshairs charity, cypress vaeo, daisy archanis, damien vaeo, deviantart, furries, furry, geisha, gladiator games, gladiators, jason spades, jigsaw forte, jinn, kaboom, london, nathaniel vaeo, poison, ratings, reality shows, slick giovanni, spyro, vampires, vincent vaeo, weapons, webcomics, white noise, xanatos, zodiac